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53rd International Show

  • San Diego Art Institute 1439 El Prado San Diego, CA, 92101 United States (map)

The 53rd International Exhibition features 82 works by more than 60 artists, as well as special installations by Buhm Hong, Angèle Lebert, Lasse Lau, Carlton deWoody and Bank & Rau. Artwork for this exhibition was submitted by artists from around the world for the chance at winning cash prizes and an opportunity to have their work judged by a top international curator. Selected artists in the exhibition come from more than 12 different countries, including France, Denmark, Singapore, and Israel. The 53rd International Exhibition gives an opportunity to local artists to meet and show their work alongside internationally-exhibiting artists.

Participating Artists: Dan Adams, Mira Alibek, Sivani Babu, Warren Bakley, Bank & Rau, Catherine Burce, Alberto Jorge Carol, Larry Caveney, Chenhung Chen, Theresa Devine, Carlton deWoody, Ellen Dieter, Catherine Forster, Felix Frederick, Anna Fromchenko, Jennifer Georgescu, Inguna Gremzde, Buhm Hong, Adam Hurwitz, Beliz Iristay, Thomas Jackson, Hollis Johnson, Lasse Lau, Angele Lebert, Echo Lew, Arthur Martinez, Vincent Mattina, Andy Mauery, Mary Mazziotti, Michael McNeil, Elaine Catherine Miller, Charlene Mosley, Hung Viet Nguyen, Minghua Nie, Margaret Noble, Anne Pelej, Robert Pendleton, John Purlia, Constance Rawlins, Rotem Reshef, Ryder Richards, Randy Rosas, Dave Rowe, Mark Schmidt, Gary Schmitt, Maura Segal, Jessica Siemens, Thomas Slager, Rich Smukler, Laura Splan, Nathan Stanfield, Denise Strahm, John Straub, Jane Szabo, Ramona Szczerba, David Russell Talbott, Holly and Ashlee Temple, John Valois, Gary Walker, Janet Wallace, Cheyne Walls, Boedi Widjaja, David Willburn, Sheldon Woods, Miki Yokoyama, Anna Zusman

Honorable Mention: Margaret Noble: “Index of Fear”
Honorable Mention: Beliz Iristay: “Shahmaran”
Honorable Mention: Ryder Richards: “Obligation”
Honorable Mention: Inguna Gremzde: “Nature for Sale”
Honorable Mention: Mary Mazziotti: “Cradle to Grave”

Media Services Award: Hung Viet Nguyen: “Sacred Cove”
Board of Directors Award: Margaret Noble: “Index of Fear”
Juror’s Choice: Hung Viet Nguyen: “Sacred Cove”
Digital Art Guild Award: Buhm Hong: “Untitled”


The juror David A. Ross reviewed nearly 1,000 submissions of artwork. Ross has a 40-year career as an art museum professional and curator. He is currently the Chair of the MFA in Art Practice at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He previously held directorships at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (1998-2001), The Whitney Museum of American Art (1991-1998), and The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (1982-1991). He has been involved in the organization and jurying process of major international exhibitions including Documenta, The Venice Biennale, and The Carnegie International to name just a few.