SDAI promotes multimedia art education through in- and after-school art programs, summer camps, and individualized youth art education initiatives. We hire practicing artists making important contributions to their fields who have also demonstrated a vested interest in the capacity of art to heal, inform, and empower young people. Our educators deploy creative, critical pedagogies and cultural competence to foster technical skill-building, critical analysis, and creative expression among a wide demographic of students. All programming adheres to the Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards and the Common Core State Standards developed by the California Board of Education.

Engaging with art allows us to re-contextualize the world we live in. It is a language that allows us to see the invisible, drawing connections between the known and unknown. It can help us discover the deeper meanings in the art we view and make connections that relate to our own lives and the world around us. It matters because it is equitable, giving anyone the opportunity to learn and engage. - Karla Centeno, Education and Public Programs Director.

Funding for SDAI's youth art education and arts access outreach programming is provided in part by the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture, California Arts Council, The Art Connection and The Fay Slover Fund at The Boston Foundation, The Seth Sprague Educational & Charitable Foundation, and The Ginger E. and Robert D. Wallace Foundation.