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Six Degrees of San Diego: Cults

  • San Diego Art Institute 1439 El Prado San Diego, CA, 92101 United States (map)

“SIX DEGREES OF SAN DIEGO” podcast, lecture, and performance series
Admission: $5

Artists cast a critical eye on a number of socially and culturally relevant topics. Visual translations of research, opinion, and commentary culminate in exhibitions and events that present content for the viewer to decipher. Documented histories are deconstructed, reinterpreted, and analyzed by artists and recontextualized as art experiences.

San Diego Art Institute has launched its own investigation of a different kind with a new series of events and an accompanying podcast that explore the conspiracy theories, cultural mythologies, mysteries, and legends that are associated with San Diego in one way or another. How do we measure belief and distinguish fact from fiction while a number of questions still hang in the balance, all with the capacity to refute what we accept as truth? How have artists contemplated conspiracy as the subject of their work?

The second episode of SDAI’s Six Degrees of San Diego podcast puts the “cult” back in culture as we dive into the world of leaders, followers, rituals, and track suits from the many cults of Southern California. On Thursday, March 23rd, SDAI will host another moderated discussion on the prevalence in utopic societies in Sourthern California.  Skyping in Alex Young, artist, curator, and cult afficianado, Ginger Shulick Porcella and Lissa Corona will discuss their fascination with Heaven’s Gate, Children of God, communes and colonies. Video installation by Stephen Handley, and a special screening of a film created by Alex Young, commissioned by SDAI in 2015, will be on view during the conversation.

Listen to the first podcast in the series in which Lissa and Ginger discuss JFK’s assassination with local composer and sound artist Alan F. Jones here:


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