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Member Preview and Opening Reception: Rising Tide

San Diego Art Institute (SDAI) presents Rising Tide, which will run from November 24, 2018 through January 6, 2019. Curated by San Diego Art Institute’s Deputy Director, Sarah Trujillo-Porter, the multi-media show will feature solo exhibitions by Francisco Eme, Jacob Sundstrom, and Jana Brike. Distinct in vision and style, the works each create immersive environments that evoke stillness and space for contemplation. Whether through interdisciplinary art, sound, or uncanny symbolism, each installation provides a fertile arena in which thoughts can rise to the surface. 

Also notable - SDAI is launching an unprecedented alliance with UCSD’s Qualcomm Institute that will fuse cutting-edge technology and contemporary art in the heart of Balboa Park. Elements of this dynamic new partnership will debut during the public opening reception for Rising Tide on Friday, November 30th from 6-8 p.m. (member opening from 5-6 p.m.). These include Jacob Sundstrom’s interactive visual and sound installation, Erasure, which exemplifies the types of engaging and tech-enhanced experiences that will become a larger focus for SDAI under this partnership. 

Francisco Eme - Parallel Planes

San Diego-based artist Francisco Eme presents Parallel Planes, a series of seven provocative works exploring language and identity through interactive installations. Eme’s show will include sculptural sound installations featuring audio recordings of border crossings, works on paper, and an interactive video installation. In one of his interactive installations, “Media Social,” Eme will invite the viewer to use Spanglish words on Twitter. With every tweet, a computer program will interpret and transform the words into a projected image, which will unveil itself throughout the performance. 

Originally from Mexico City, Eme is particularly interested in the sundry everyday situations and social interactions that essentially compress, synthesize, and reflect the complexities of today’s world. His work has been presented throughout the world. Eme creates music, photography, multimedia installations, electroacoustic compositions, interventions and performances to immerse audiences in the symbols, poetics and contradictions of everyday life. He is known for employing technology to connect the electronic world with essential human emotions. 

Jacob Sundstrom - Erasure

Jacob Sundstrom, a PhD student in computer music at the University of California, San Diego, introduces Erasure, an interactive visual and sound installation. Featuring 3-D imaging of coral reefs, Sundstrom has applied computer software to detect the viewer’s interaction with the piece. Erasure responds ‘negatively’ to human presence, and as more people enter the space, the installation begins to break down as percussion sounds contort and particulate, encouraging the viewer to reflect upon the human impact on these remote and fragile ecosystems. The sound is composed by Sundstrom, and it follows the five stages of grief as the visual transforms from a coral reef to something closer to discombobulated static. The transformation is not irreversible, and as viewers leave, the piece rebounds, providing hope. The system ‘bounces back,’ reflecting the resilience of the reefs to withstand and adapt to global shifts in climate and the ecosystem.

Jana Brike – Sea of Change 

Represented by San Diego-based Distinction Gallery, Latvian-born artist Jana Brike’s thought-provoking exhibition Sea of Change features eight large-scale oil paintings created specifically for the space. The works surround the viewer creating an absorbing setting similar to that of Mark Rothko’s Chapel. Brike activates her female subject matter with vivid color and surrealist imagery. Her scenes are windows into whimsical worlds, where females have agency and engage in play. 

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