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The Language of Things: Roberto Romero Molina

Multimedia Exhibition

As you step into Roberto Romero-Molina’s immersive world of The Language of Things, time slows; patterns of sounds and images gradually unfold, synched to a rhythm almost imperceptible. A multimedia, interactive electronic installation, this exhibition features multichannel sensors which draw from numerous samples of audio and visual material to create a dynamic sensory world within the exhibition space. Learn More.


Art + Music + Technology Event Series Schedule

The event series, inspired by The Language of Things, explores the idea of communal art and creativity as a dynamic cycle of cultural exchange, not only connecting artists with audiences, listeners with viewers, and teachers with students, but also fostering conversation between citizens on both sides of the border. The series will open with a reception on Saturday, January 20, and will follow with a robust programming schedule, which will include listening workshops, coding workshops and concerts. The exhibition will end on Saturday, March 17 with a closing reception.

Romero-Molina is a visual and sound artist working on both sides of the United States-Mexico border. Originally trained as a painter, his work with sound and electronic mixed media takes a distinctly visual approach, engaging space and design as essential elements of his multisensory installations. His work explores the relationships between experience and representation, occurrence and memory, and perception and thought. Romero-Molina’s work points to the fact that most things around us play out in some sort of cycle, at different scale and magnitudes. His machines teach us about human phenomena—such as language, interpretation, and meaning.

Inspiring cross-cultural collaboration in the regional art community, this exhibition is a partnership between the San Diego Art Institute and the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT). 


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