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A screening of short films and Q&A with artist Don Edler

  • San Diego Art Institute 1439 El Prado San Diego, CA, 92101 United States (map)

$5 admission

by Bill Brown

16mm color film, 20 min, 1994
- A short film about a young time traveler that gets lost and crash lands in Roswell, NM.


In Search Of...Eidolon
by Matthew Day Jackson

HD Video, 25 min, 2010
 - A short video about an artist that goes missing, the anthropocene, and our desires to see ourselves in the world. 


The Father the Sun and The Holy Road
by Don Edler 

HD Video, 25 min, 2015
 - A short video about two parallel religious journeys, a long road and a long life. 

Join artist Don Edler for a screening of his new work The Father the Sun and The Holy Road in conjunction with two films that informed his film and visual language. These films represent pivotal moments Edler’s development as a filmmaker, both influencing his style and approach to visual storytelling. The films mimic the look and feel of documentary film, but lack the impulse to tell strict factual truth and therefor allow themselves to be more open-ended in their interpretations. By utilizing the mocumentary or experimental documentary format, the films allow the viewer to forgo arguments about the fictive and the real. Instead of questioning the truth or falseness of the matter, these films, and films like them allow us to dig a little bit deeper into the subjects and questions they present. 

Werner Herzog famously described the concept of Ecstatic Truth, a kind of meta-truth that sometimes can only be obtained my looking past the limited scope of objectivity. Edler believes these three films examine such ecstatic truths. They ask the viewer to bend their perspective around the edge of the ordinary and to appreciate the poetics that lay beyond. They propose a reality that is more in line with the imaginary, one in which UFOs are actually time-travelers, where a missing person is just a clue to a greater mystery, and where God is real.