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Survival Stories: Artists of Color in the Face of Institutional Racism

Join Michelada Think Tank as they address institutional and structural racism experienced by those navigating the arts, education, and other social, political, and economic spheres. 

While segregation is no longer legal, the unspoken reality of who is afforded opportunities for exhibitions, leadership, and upward mobility shows otherwise. How these issues manifest in the day-to-day lives of people of color is often not overt, is hard to quantify, and so, is often glossed over or blatantly dismissed. The unspoken rules of respectability politics imply a path, but only serve to further disenfranchise the non-dominant group.

In this two hour workshop, MTT calls for audience engagement and participation to share stories of these experiences. SDAI recognizes the importance of providing a venue for the public to contemplate diversity and representation in the arts.

Michelada Think Tank (MTT) is a group of agitators for cultural equity. They are socially conscious artists, educators, and activists of color engaging with other people of color (PoC) and allies who are also interested in creative ways of making change happen. MTT facilitates conversations that confront the structural and institutional racism faced by people of color while promoting action beyond the discussion. The collective’s artistic practice consists of 30% community building, 30% institutional accountability, 30% facilitating discourse, and 10% serving micheladas.