Who We Are:

The San Diego Art Institute is an experimental bi-national contemporary art center catalyzing new experiences and connecting artist with audience.

Our work is dedicated to advancing creative endeavors of artists of today and tomorrow. We believe that by providing professional and financial support along with opportunities to produce, exhibit and present their work, artists are empowered to create new, engaging and unexpected experiences that expand our cultural perspective and understanding.


Our Core Values:

·       Always be extraordinary

·       Respect artists


What We Do:

·       Advance artists of today… by providing artists and curators funding and resources to create, collaborate and exhibit.

·       Reveal culture through contemporary and experimental manifestations of art… by presenting work that expands the boundaries of expression to engage the public with art.

·       Lead contemporary art in the SoCal/No Baja region…by removing limitations of borders, physical and conceptual, and embolden production of leading regional contemporary art

·       Educate artists of tomorrow… with K-12 curriculum designed to inspire art-making in all forms and create respect for artistic endeavors.


Our Mission:

The San Diego Art Institute is a nonprofit whose mission is to advance southern California and northern Baja contemporary art and artists.