SDAI is launching our Roots to Rise fundraising campaign for the entirety of 2019 with a lead gift of $20,000. Roots to Rise is the theme for SDAI’s first-ever, artist-created, permanent donor recognition installation, designed to recognize individuals, businesses and foundations who invest in SDAI’s success and the success of contemporary artists in our region.

Since opening in 1941, SDAI has grown into an institution whose commitment to regional contemporary art and artists is unmatched. SDAI is proud to serve as a home for our region’s exemplary artistic talent 365 days a year. We have evolved into an institution where cultural equity is not simply a slogan or an initiative but is instead part of the very fabric of our organization. Lastly, we are quickly becoming one of the leading spaces for the intersection of art, science and technology so we can evolve with our artists, our audiences, and our times.  

Roots to Rise will empower us to present four extraordinary major exhibitions this season with resources to support the curators, artists and creative communities who give them voice; significantly augment professional development opportunities through our Matthew J. Mahoney Artist Residency; elevate extraordinary regional contemporary artists from our unique place in the heart of Balboa Park; and build future artists and audiences for contemporary art.

Roots to Rise will be a community of donors, supporters and partners who provide the critical foundation that allows SDAI to forge ahead into a future where regional contemporary artists and the audiences they engage thrive.

By participating in Roots to Rise, you will be recognized in perpetuity through our permanent donor recognition installation for being instrumental in ensuring SDAI is here to serve our region’s artists and audiences for generations to come.

Please make your mark in the Roots to Rise movement with your fully tax-deductible donation:

Roots $10,000 & higher

Trunk $5,000-$9,999

Branches $2,500-$4,999

Leaves $1,000-$2,499

Stems $500-$999

There are many ways for you or your organization to join our movement to support contemporary art in Southern California and Northern Baja and increase art access for all. Here's an overview of what our members and donors helped SDAI achieve in 2017-2018:

For more details and to learn about our philanthropic circles, planned giving, and opportunities to engage with SDAI leadership, please contact Executive Director Jacqueline A. Silverman at (619) 236-0011 or