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  • San Diego Art Institute 1439 El Prado San Diego, CA, 92101 United States (map)

The San Diego Art Institute presents our next exhibition In Dust We Trust: The Parkeology Exhibition. In conjunction with this show, SDAI will present the culminating works of our artists-in-residence Vabianna Santos and Robert Andrade, and the unveiling of a new installation by Daniel Barron Corrales. Join us for the opening reception on Friday, June 24th, from 6-8pm.

About In Dust We Trust:

Directed by artist Kate Clark, Parkeology is a public art series that excavates lesser known sites, senses, and stories in urban parks. In its first season, Parkeology explored the hidden narratives of Balboa Park; collaborating with museums, archivists, artists, and locals to create temporary performances, installations, and tours that unearth the park’s past and examine its present.

In Dust We Trust chronicles these projects in an expanded exhibition about Balboa Park oddities, ephemera, and relics. Part Parkeology retrospective and part archaeology of long-forgotten park treasures, this exhibition features abandoned museum artifacts and newly minted media documenting the first-ever Balboa Park-wide art and curatorial project.

About Vabianna Santos:

“Songs in Flesh” is a solo exhibition by visual artist Vabianna Santos. Santos’ work indulges in willful contradiction and reimagines social interactions in conjunction with natural phenomena. The show includes a new series of 100-word narratives paired with fields of color that blend the private, the actual and the impossible. Sexuality is explored with crassly updated metaphysical themes to disrupt impersonal performances of power and examine what creates hindrances to empathy. These are stories about losers on their way to finding bliss. With both text and image, Santos creates worlds where inner experience is mirrored in shifting outer appearances and landscapes- worlds populated by girl gangs, sudden transformations, interwoven genders and encounters pushed out to the unthinkable. The tone of the work is simultaneously ritualistic and critical; celebratory and imbued with lament; incendiary and affectionate.

About Robert Andrade:

Andrade creates work in various media including sculpture, video, photography, graphic design and sound. His work investigates issues related to urbanism, architecture and spatial production by deconstructing the concept of the built environment, placing architectural tropes and fragments in critical dialogue with historical icons and contemporary culture. Andrade interrogates the supermall, the plaza connected to a skyscraper, and the city as sites of stratified violence on bodies and psyches via capitalist modes of production and self-perpetuation. His work constitutes an archive of the methods by which he critiques, observes, and mines the ambiguity of living within inherited constructs we may wish to dismantle but can’t opt out of.

About Daniel Barron Corrales:

Daniel Barron Corrales is creating a new, temporary installation for SDAI’s staircase. This sculpture is constructed of several inflatable sections that are densely embellished with textiles and other materials. The parts range from 4 feet to 10 feet tall and are threaded onto a 21 foot steel reinforced PVC tube. This tube is then pressurized with a blower to allow each section of the work to be inflated. This work will be suspended 13 feet above the gallery floor and attached to a motor that allows the viewer to control its rotation.

Admission is free for members, $5 non-members, and $3 students, seniors, and military personnel. 

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