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ʚෆɞ TENDREMENT ʚෆɞ Opening Reception: Featuring Fecal Matter + Perth Records


Very limited tickets available at the door.

First come, first serve!

Arrive early for best chances.

Opening night of pop-up exhibition ..༻༻ʚෆɞ TENDREMENT ʚෆɞ༺༺.. kicks off with an end-of-the-world ☀DANCE PARTY☀ featuring immersive installations and performance art w/ DJ sets by Fecal Matter (Paris) + London's Perth Records: Merca Bae, Perth Daijing, and Yegua. Performances hosted by ❥GLYPH.

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༻༻ʚෆɞ TENDREMENT ʚෆɞ༺༺ is a visual investigation into sensorial perception and the alliance of emotional attachment, revulsion and avoidance. The exhibition features multi-disciplinary artists who examine objects as a mechanism for nostalgia as a foundation of familiarity and discomfort through the uncanny, an observation that is married to unease and prolonged avoidance. These artists express the tension between pushing the limits of self-creation and maintaining authenticity to express uncensored ideas.

εїз... Navigate a posthuman environment mired in traces of what once was, with artwork that alludes to sentiments of intimacy, nostalgia, pain, and identity. Explore the relationship between post-contemporary and post-apocalyptic aesthetics that populate the collective ethos of underground creators. The outcome is the disintegration of normativity as we look towards the future.

ಐ ಓ ಔ ಕ ಖ ಗ ಘ ಙ ಝ ಞ ಲ ಶ ಹ ೀ ಾ ಿ ಧಿ ೈ ೋ ೌ ೬ ೂ ೄ

☆Exhibiting Artists☆

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General Admission: $10, Members $5


Music Curated by GLYPH

Exhibition curated by Ariana Schindler


♡ Perth Records Roster ♡

'iPhone Santeria and deconstructed genres from a faceless character' was the definition given by NOISEY to one of the most-talked-about artists in the London underground scene. Supported by Bala Club, NAAFI and Dinarnarca, ❥Merca Bae's work shines through as an apocalyptic-experimental approach to Reggaeton.

Canary-island-born artist ❥Yegua comes from a mixed raced family: half Cuban, half Scottish. These roots are the basis of his work as he mixes Latin sounds with influences from Canarian Folklore to experimental British Music. His work on his debut EP, HOST, explores the destructive aspects of viruses through sonoric landscapes inspired by metallic clashes and hard bass sampling. HOST represents his views of our surroundings as an enclosing society, which feeds this symbolic virus. Yegua's work also explores the suppression of minorities juxtaposed with his time spent DJing in the islands and the Mancunian raves. Highlight performances include the Institute of Contemporary Art London.

Perth will never show his identity; this is part of his performance. We've seen him live many times in London performing with a mask on but as of today he only represents himself with an image of KTZ Boots as a symbolic rejection to consumer culture. His work explores the deepest darkness of sound and distortion. 



Later Event: April 7
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