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We look forward to creating partnerships within the corporate community that are mutually beneficial.

As an SDAI Corporate Partner, you will join an enthusiastic support group that includes appointed and elected officials, community and civic leaders, business executives, young entrepreneurs, and arts patrons.

Not only will you enjoy increased visibility by aligning your business with the premier contemporary arts center in Balboa Park, a member of our staff will meet with you and personally tailor benefits that correspond to your business development and philanthropic goals. This may include:

  • Introductions to potential new clients and client communities;

  • Increasing your prominence at SDAI exhibitions, special programs, and educational events;

  • Opportunities to entertain clients in an arts setting;

  • Use of our facilities for off-site meetings.

We hope you will consider joining us and growing together!

Corporate Partner levels and benefits will be posted here on April 13.  Please check back soon to learn more.