• San Diego Art Institute 1439 El Prado San Diego, CA, 92101 United States


It is a fine line that lies between book binding and zine practices; both work to challenge traditions of what it means to make a book while also respecting the art form as a whole. This one-day workshop is intended to introduce a traditional book binding structure as well as an appreciation for the influential and radical zine movement and aesthetic. The time in the workshop will be devoted to three things: crafting a non-stitch accordion style book, an opportunity to glimpse into the basic tools of a book binder, and lastly, to create original content with a DIY aesthetic true to the zine movement of the 1990’s.

Instructor Jesi Gutierrez is an artist, teacher, and writer born in Washington D.C. Having studied Creative Writing and Art Education in San Diego, she has been teaching both disciplines through programs at SDAI. Under the guidance of experienced book maker and print press owner, Michele Burgess, Jesi was able to bridge two of her passions; writing &  visual art through book arts. Her work explores boundaries of gender, sexuality, race, and class.

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