project space @ Horton Plaza, January 2016 - June 2016

Every THIRD THURSDAY - Gearheads Workshops, 7pm, FREE

The Gearheads series invites local musicians, videographers, and programmers to demonstrate their customized equipment. Each artist will discuss the different technology and hardware they implement, complete with How-To’s and Why-To’s. Special attention will be given Open-Source software and DIY gear, so that tinkerers can implement ideas affordably. Aspiring artists can learn about new tools, or rethink how to use tools they may already be familiar with. Each discussion will include a performance by the artist.

January 21 – Lee Azzarello – Open Source Music Software (SunVox)

February 18 – Jason Begin – Modular Synthesizers

March 17 – Scott Nielsen – Harmonics Guitar

April 21 – Xavier Vasquez – Live Video Projection

May 19 – Jeff Kaiser – Max/MSP

Friday, January 29, 7pm
dance performance by if. Dance Theatre entitled “slowly but surely, becoming slightly”

Saturday, February 6, 7pm
Abrash Presents: Sam Ashley / Josh Krausbauer / Scott Nielsen, $5 charge

SAM ASHLEY'S invention of an experimental trance-mysticism has been a lifelong endeavor, and his art always reflects or incorporates, in some way, this unique mysticism. He has created and performed many original music, performance art and other, more abstract compositions that express this contemporary "shamanism", several of which--including the early pieces Seeing Things (1981) and How To Make Things Go Away (1979)--have had many performances around the US and abroad. Two current works-in-progress, Everyone Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano and Happy As Can Be (expected)!, feature genuine spirit possession as performance.

JOSH KRAUSBAUER is a music maker currently living in Los Angeles. He has performed his music in a multitude of settings - from basements and rock clubs to colleges and art galleries (and now a mall). Numerous recordings of his work have been released on independent labels in both the US and Europe. In recent years his focus has been on his solo work, involving ritual endurance happenings with voice and violin, accompanied by synth and strobes; his compositions, mainly concerned with systems-based phasing constructions; the Ecstatic Music Band, exploring just tunings with amplified strings at high volumes and long durations, with stroboscopic lighting; The Essentialists, a country-blues-boogie-raga guitar/violin duo; and most recently the formation of the "M"inimalist psych-punk group, Night Collectors. Trance-Psychedelia is the aim and goal.

February 8 through February 29
Aren Skalman Open Studio and Workshops

In preparation for the exhibition “Sweet Gongs Vibrating” opening in March at SDAI in Balboa Park, artist Aren Skalman will use the SDAI Project Space in Horton Plaza as an open studio/laboratory and weekly workshop space, engaging members of the Blind Community Center of San Diego, the general public, and mall window shoppers in experimental workshops creating multi-media artwork intended to evoke the location of Horton Plaza through the use of tactile forms and audio. Resulting art derived from the sessions will then be included in the exhibition.

FREE, Drop-in Workshop Dates with Aren Skalman:

Wednesday, February 10, 6:30-8:30

Wednesday, February 17, 6:30-8:30

Wednesday, February 24, 6:30-8:30pm

Friday, March 25, 6pm-11pm
BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer)

Organized by SDAI Executive Director Ginger Porcella, this one-night only video projection event invites more than 30 artists to “BYOB: Bring Your Own Beamer” for a fun, free interactive art event!

April 22-April 23
“IRL: 24 Hour Performance Festival”

“IRL: 24-hour Performance Festival” will take place simultaneously in ten cities. Organized by SDAI Executive Director Ginger Porcella, this large-scale, global event will highlight artists working at the forefront of the media. Visitors to any of the 10 spaces can view performance artists live, while the other nine event spaces will stream video to be screened in each space so that every performance can be viewed at each location in real time. Participating cities are: San Diego, New York, Mexico City, Berlin, London, Paris, Shanghai, Copenhagen, Dubai, and Bialystok.

May - June
Cat Chiu Phillips Open Studio and Workshops

Plarn (plastic yarn) artist Cat Chiu Phillips will host open studios and workshops in May and June, engaging the community in her process to make a large-scale crochet installation.