• San Diego Art Institute 1439 El Prado San Diego, CA, 92101 United States

Admission $10

*pre-sale is now over, please purchase tickets at the door

Join San Diego Art Institute on Sunday, July 31st, 2016 from 2-5 pm for an afternoon of Sound Immersion experiences with Ken Goff and his seven Wind Gongs.

The gong bath gently immerses guests in soothing and supportive gong vibrations as Ken cultivates a relaxing atmosphere for mind, body, and spirit.

The event will begin with a brief introduction and explanation of the effects of sound on the human body. Guests are encouraged to bring a yoga mat or blanket/sleeping bags, cushions, pillows, and eye covers to create their own comfortable sound immersion nests.  

For those who are experiencing a gong immersion for the first time, the sound is natural and unamplified.  It is soothing and can have therapeutic effects on body, mind and spirit. Ken uses sound therapy in his massage/energy practice, and it’s a core element in sound healing offerings occurring across the globe.

The first half of the event will be a 60-75 minute gong immersion. A 15-20 minute intermission will permit people to stretch, use the facilities and exit if desired. During the break, the gongs will be re-arranged to create a vortex of sound space where individuals will be invited to quietly and orderly enter the center of gong vortex space for a brief, specific sound immersion between the seven wind gongs and your body’s energy field.

About Ken:
Ken has been on a sound journey as a musician for 45 years.  His biography includes a short tour in the Navy for 24 years,  Yoga Teacher Training certification, (RYt-200), Reiki Level 3 Master certification and a Associates in Applied Science in Asian Body Work from San Diego’s own Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

Ken is preparing for a six-week sound immersion tour this summer culminating in a sound immersion event at Healing Touch’s semi-annual Worldwide Conference, A Healer’s Retreat in Charlotte, N.C. in August.  He has traveled and immersed with his gongs in the U.S. and California sites such as Manley Hall in L.A., Pitzer College, local yoga studios, San Diego’s Japanese Friendship Garden, and PCOM’s 25 year Symposium event.

Ken is happy to answer questions you might have concerning this event. You can email him at mioperspective@gmail.com or call/text him at 619-540-0870.

He looks forward to sharing his passion and knowledge of sound therapy with you!

The knower of the mystery of sound the mystery of the whole universe
— Hazrat Inayat Khan