OPT IN: Afterschool Art Labs at High Tech Explorer

April 5, 2016 - June 10, 2016


Fiber Arts with Don Porcella: Creating a Circus

Students explore craft in fine art with art-world champion Don Porcella.  Though this California-native has been known to do everything from writing music and making drawings to roasting coffee beans, Porcella is best known for his sculptural works of woven pipe cleaners.  In this course, young artists will learn about form as well as content as they transform everyday materials into precious works of handmade art.

Inspired by Alexander Calder’s Circus, Don Porcella has created a course that allows each participant to express their individuality while working collaboratively with the group toward a common goal.  Students will each make their own figures, animals, and various apparatuses using a variety of fiber arts techniques.  The final installation of the artists’ “Circus” will be exhibited at High Tech Explorer Elementary after the 9-week session has been completed. To kick-off the exhibition, Explorer and San Diego Art Institute will host an artist reception for families and friends.

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Films with Francisco Eme: Creating Stop motion Animation

Fans of films such as The Nightmare before Christmas, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Wallace and Gromit can look no further: this course teaches budding animators to create and direct their very own stop motion picture. During this 9-week course, young artists will use both handmade and found objects as cinematic subjects in short films they write, direct and produce themselves!  Upon the course’s completion, High Tech Explorer Elementary and San Diego Art Institute will celebrate the young filmmakers’ achievements via a movie night in which the artists make their directorial debuts for friends and family.

Bi-national educator, sound artist, and filmmaker Francisco Eme will guide students through the development of the following course objectives: technical fundamentals of analog and digital video; understanding cinematic language including camera angles, camera movements, framing and visual composition; production technique such as editing and sound design. Practice by doing… and leave with your very own animated film.

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