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The Paint Out! :


Look What’s NEW!!!!!     

Hosted by Mark Fehlman & Lonnie Pogue

Admission: FREE to members & guests 
The Paint Out is offered the 1rd Saturday of the Month


Time frame:  9:00am-12:00pm

•·         SDAI paint outs will be held on the first Saturday of each month.

•·         Locations will be at various San Diego County or Southern Orange County locations.

 Two or three of these may be in Balboa Park.

Locations will be announced in the bi-monthly SDAI Journal with the e-mail address of the host of each event.  The host for each event is to be contacted by e-mail for sign up and detailed information and directions on where to meet etc.

An e-mail list of interested participants and announcements will be sent to all on the list prior to each event in addition to the SDAI Journal announcements.

•·         The events will be open to anyone desiring to participate whether members of SDAI or not.

 •·         There will be at least one juried show at the SDAI Gallery per year for about 20 paintings running simultaneously with one of the Regional Shows.

All painting canvases or watercolor papers are to be stamped and dated at each event to prove they were done in the program.  Only paintings done within the program can be submitted for the show.

Paintings are limited to a maximum size of 12" x 16" and should be framed in appropriate plein air frames with wire hangers.

Up to 2 paintings can be submitted by each artist for the show.  Non-members of SDAI will pay an entry fee of $20.00 there is no fee for SDAI members.

All paintings must be hand delivered and picked up at the end of the show at SDAI.




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