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For the Artist - Program Listing :

SDAI: Museum of the Living Artist exhibition categories.


 On a regular basis SDAI: Museum of the Living Artist has two categories for members to enter artworks for our exhibitions. They are the One-Foot show and the Regional show. You may enter one artwork for each show. Below is a brief description of both of these categories:


 The One-Foot Show: The artwork cannot be over 12 inches in any one dimension, including the frame. This restriction applies to sculptures or other three-dimensional artworks. 


 The Regional Show: The artwork cannot be over eight feet in any one dimension, whether it is a two or three-dimensional work.


 Please remember that any artwork over 40 pounds is the responsibility of the artist to have it placed on the gallery floor for display for the juror and for removal from our gallery.


The Professional Artist Lecture Series: 

This is an ongoing series of lectures, workshops, and panel discussions by successful artists, dealers, collectors and other art professionals.  These programs address the many needs of developing and emerging artists belonging to membership of SDAI and the San Diego arts community at-large.  (please refer to the online calendar for the next lecture date)


This program provides and opportunity for artist members to share work, questions and information through visual representation and dialogue. 

New members: this is a great opportunity to meet other members, show your work and see the work being created in the San Diego area.

Everyone else: show us your work, whether you’re getting into the juried shows or not we want to see what you are doing and have the opportunity to talk with you.


Description and schedule:


4-6pm Sunday.  4-4:30 bring artwork and check in; 4:30 doors locked. If there is a guest artist the presentation will begin at 5:30.


Members can bring up to 3 pieces of artwork and will be displayed either leaning on the wall around the gallery, on empty pedestals or easels if available or they bring them.


From 4-6pm artists have the opportunity to discuss their work; ask questions of other artists; discuss general and specific artist issues and share information.


Artists are encouraged to bring books, magazines, announcements, etc. to share.


Artists may also bring food and beverages to share.

 Members: Free    Nonmembers: $5.00

 Guest Artists:  TBD

The Gathering takes place every first Sunday of each month.











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